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I saw this posted on Facebook today. (I have no idea who the original poster is). Anyway, I saw it and thought “cool, a body positive image! Let’s just look at these comments. They are sure to be positive.”. (Never look at the comments). I was disgusted by the amount of fat shame.

You had the usual “fat=/=healthy” crap, which simply isn’t true. You can be fat and healthy, you can be thin and unhealthy. There was also the “ew look at her” shit, which just pissed me off. If you happen to not like fat girls then don’t date them, but it is never ok to make someone feel bad about their body.

My favorite though was a comment that basically said, “It’s too unrealistic. She’d get tired while fighting.”

Too unrealistic? We are talking about a character who can fly, deflect bullets, punch through concrete, lift cars, has a magic truth lasso, and uses very skimpy clothing to go into battle. Making her fat though, that’s the unrealistic part. Right.

I’m depressed by all of it. And angered, so I’m going to end on a positive note: All bodies are beautiful. You are fine just as you are.